Forge, iPad App

Created as a designer's iteration tool for Adonit, a hardware company that makes styluses for touch-screens. Has since been transferred to a new company.

Participated:  8 months from Jun. 2014 to Feb. 2015.

Roles: interaction designer and developer, web designer and developer.

Team: product manager, creative director, and about 10 other designers, developers, and hybrids of the two.

Responsibilities: mainly designed and implemented the "feel" of zooming and panning in the app, with the help of other designers and developers. Documented discoverability audits for interface elements and gestural features. Explored several experimental features via mockups, videos, and interactive prototypes. Developed support web interfaces for both in-app web views and fullscreen safari.

Accomplishments: learned Objective C, Xcode, and a little bit of Swift in a matter of months as my introduction to this project. App went on to earn the Editor's Choice award, and later it was deemed the Best App of February 2015 in the iPad app store. (Unfortunately when transferred to a new company the app listing lost these awards).

Tools: created mockups and art assets in Sketch (and previewed in Sketch Mirror), video mockups in After Effects and Premiere. Some minor prototypes were done in Facebook Origami. Development done in Xcode.