Twitcher, web app

Created for Adobe as an inspirational photo search engine. Tags are dragged to create a hierarchical search query to popular image sites. Originally used an Adobe-based API.

Poorly-maintained demo available.

Duration:  3 months from Jun. 2013 to Sept. 2013.

Roles: web designer and developer.

Team: principal designer as mentor, and myself.

Responsibilities: took a rough interface prototype as inspiration and transformed it into a responsive web app for discovering new inspirational photos in a hierarchical search.

Accomplishments: learned how to deal with REST-based APIs in Javascript for the first time. Created as my main project during my internship at Adobe.

Tools: code written in Adobe Edge Code CC, built on top of Brackets. Used a private Adobe-based API at first, eventually moved onto 500px's API after my time at Adobe. Also experimented with Edge Animate CC and Sketch for an intro animation that was ditched.