Vive Zilla, virtual reality game

Created for a game jam hosted by Owlchemy LabsValve, and HTC.

Photography by Lauren Ellis.

Photography by Lauren Ellis.

Duration:  Less than 48 hours in May 2015.

Roles: game designer and developer, set dressing, test builds on the Vive.

Team: small group of 3 designers and developers sharing nearly all responsibilities.

Responsibilities: developed a road-based node system that allows cars and people to move around semi-realistically on city streets. Also created basic artificial intelligence system that allows biplanes to circle around the players head and periodically fire at them.

Accomplishments: created a game for a system of which we had less than 24 hours of access, within 48 hours for a weekend-long jam. 

Tools: used Unity as game engine, wrote C# code in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Final game was created for the Vive, and was prototyped with an Oculus Rift development kit.